14 Ways to Leave a Legacy of Faith

As families aim to bring the Gospel home, our prayers begin to reach beyond our homes and stretch to the generations to come. We begin to hope that we might leave a legacy of faith. 

Here are 14 ideas on how the Gospel Family can aim to pass on this vision to the next generation of families in hopes that they too would cultivate Family Discipleship, Family Worship, and Family Missions:

  1. Seek ways to grow together spiritually while reenacting the Gospel in the home.
  2. Cast a bold, God-sized vision for your family.
  3. Establish biblical spiritual leadership in the home while highlighting God’s presence, clearing out idols, and serving the Lord.
  4. Believe that Christ can restore your home through repentance, forgiveness, and healing.
  5. Let love characterize your relationships with God and others.
  6. Implement regular times of family devotions.
  7. Create a house of prayer and intercede for one another.
  8. Parent with a spirit of thanksgiving, dedication, and grace that focuses on the heart and discipleship of the child.
  9. Develop a home of worship, delighting in Jesus’ glorious presence.
  10. Enjoy days of Sabbath rest.
  11. Spend time remembering how God has blessed your family and then respond in worship.
  12. Join the Great Commission as a family, making disciples of the nations.
  13. Find ways to put your lost family members in a position to hear the Gospel.
  14. Become a missionary family willing to go.